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argentdandelion a demandé:

I liked your "Human Aya" art so much I wanted to tell you about it. (As to why I did not reblog it? I have a personal do-not-reblog policy.) My only quibble? Unless she is "inhabiting" a womb-grown body, she wouldn't have a belly button. Robots/sort-of-robots do not need belly buttons.

Hi! I’m so sorry for this really really REALLY late answer! Thank you so much for liking my drawing :D as to your comment, well what i can say is that I Drew Aya in a way that she was no longer a robot you see, but a complete living being that’s why i put a belly button :)






Cops kill mentally ill teen after parents call police to help him

A Boiling Springs Lakes, North Carolina family is looking for answers after local police shot and killed their mentally ill teenage son while responding to a call for help.

The family contends that Keith Vidal, 18, was “killed in cold blood” after police were requested to help calm the teenager down during a schizophrenic episode.

Now, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has decided to look into the matter, as Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David vowed to meet with the family and “go wherever the truth leads in this case.”

"The public deserves to have a process put in place that will lead to the most just resolution," he said, according to NBC News.

The incident occurred on Sunday, January 5, when Vidal suffered from a mental breakdown in which he threatened to fight his mother. He was holding a small screwdriver in his hand when the first of three police units arrived at the scene. A confrontation was noted in the county event report obtained by local WECT, but the responding unit radioed in multiple times that the situation was under control.

Little more than a minute after a third police unit arrived, it reported that a gun was fired in self-defense.

According to the teenager’s father Mark Wilsey, however, Vidal posed no danger to anyone. He said the screwdriver in his son’s hand was small and not a threat, while the family noted that the young man had just turned 18 and weighed 90 pounds. Wilsey said that Vidal had been subdued until the third officer walked in and the boy became agitated.

"Then all of a sudden, this Southport cop came, walked in the house [and said]: 'I don't have time for this. Tase him. Let's get him out of here,'”Wilsey told NBC. After the stun gun was used on Vidal, Wilsey said the third officer shot him, saying he was protecting his officers.

"He reached right up, shot this kid point-blank, with all intent to kill," Wilsey added. "He just murdered him flat out."

Stay safe out there everyone

signal boost. This happened 30 minutes from where I live. Please reblog.

This was my good friend :( we went to shows together and I talked to him just about everyday

Keith was a very good friend of mine. I was his mentor in high school. Please spread.













LifeStraw purifies water instantly and inexpensively: it is a solution that can provide millions of under-privileged people with safe drinking water.

reblogging again because science

Seriously, Science. Do your thing.

IT’S ONLY 20$.


I’ll always signal boost this because not only does this work for people in under privilege areas it’s also proof of human ingenuity.

Really, we kids that grew up in the early 90s were all told about how we had to conserve water because drinkable water was such a rare resource and people in foreign lands were basically fucked up the ass because there was no way for them to get drinking water. 20 years and 20 bucks later one of the biggest problems humanity faced is a non issue. THAT’S FUCKING CRAZY!

Somebody should start one of those online donate things where people can donate money to buy these to send to areas with unsafe drinking water. But somebody other than me should do it because I don’t know how to do that kind of thing or get the word out.

this is amazing

FYI to everyone, if you purchase a LifeStraw through EarthEasy, they will send you a LifeStraw and also send one to the Philippines (through the Rotary Water Projects) so that the victims of Typhoon Haiyan can have safe drinking water. So if you were thinking of buying one, buy through them, not Amazon. It’s the same price.

Follow-up to above, you also can donate directly to the LifeStraw fundraiserhere without needing to buy one for yourself. You have drinking water right now. You can wait to get this. They cannot.


the way it should be, famous songs from animated movies performed in the language of the place the stories are set in or the character’s mother tongue

. hellfire (the hunchback of notre dame) - french; ii. once upon a december (anastasia) - russian; iii. a whole new world (aladdin) - arabic; iv. bare necessities (the jungle book) - hindi; v. i see the light (tangled) - german; vi. can you feel the love tonight? (the lion king) - zulu; vii. i’ve got no strings (pinocchio) - italian; viii. i won’t say i’m in love (hercules) - greek; ix. it’s tough to be a god (the road to el dorado) - spanish; x. under the sea (the little mermaid) - danish; xi. i’ll make a man out of you (mulan) - mandarin; xii. when you believe (the prince of egypt) - hebrew

So beautiful!

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